17 November 2016

Please find in the document below the proceedings of the GEOTHN Closing Conference that took place in Athens, on November 7, 2015.

GEOTHNK Closing Conference Proceedings

03 November 2015

GEOTHNK Closing Conference  Program is finalized!

The GEOTHNK Project will be presented at the Scientix National Conference in Greece which takes place in Athens on 9 and 10 October 2015. Keynote speech by Professor Marions Kavouras. 

21 September 2015

Casa Corpului Didactic Cluj (Teachers Training Center of  Cluj County) initiates the Phase B of the project " Semantic Pathways for Building a Spatially-Thinking Society " LLP- 1-2013-1 - 543451 - GR- KA3 - KA3MP, by organizing workshops on the following topic “Developing Spatial Thinking through Educational Pathways".

The purpose of the workshops is empowering teachers to develop pupils’ spatially thinking by creating an innovative educational environment and by using specific educational resources.

One hundred teachers from five experimental schools in Cluj County are expected at the workshops, during September 2015, as follows: Şcoala Gimnazială Căşeiu, Liceul Tehnologic „Ştefan Pascu” Apahida, Şcoala Gimnazială „Gheorghe Şincai” Floreşti,  Şcoala Gimnazială „Mihai Vodă”, comuna Mihai Viteazu, Şcoala Specială Gimnazială „Transilvania” Baciu.

03 September 2015

The GEOTHNK Project, the National Technical University of Athens - OntoGeo Research Group, and Ellinogermanki Agogi, invite you to participate at the GEOTHNK International Closing Conference: “Educating the Future Spatial Citizens”, which will be held on 7 November 2015 at the facilities of Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Pallini (Attica - Greece) in conjunction with the 8th International Conference in Open and Distance Learning (ICODL2015). 

See the GEOTHNK Closing Conference Invitation


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Semantic Pathways for Building a Spatially-Thinking Society